Alex Malaszkiewicz Full-Stack Developer

My Expertise

I'm web developer. Technology is my tool. I deal with process' automation and problem solving using algorithms. I make life easier and I make dreams come true. I help startups and undertake difficult challenges with pleasure. Whenever I can, I share my knowledge and skills. I work as a freelancer, team member, leader or entrepreneur. I am ready to help you develop your business.


ruby rails postgresql mysql sqlite redis mongodb

When I create web applications, I choose technologies and tools appropriate for the problem being solved. Based on my experience, I know that changing the programming language or framework will not change problems in the application's architecture. Personally, I prefer stable and secure solutions over fashionable solutions.


html5 css3 less sass bootstrap foundation javascript coffeescript react backbonejs gimp

As users, we evaluate each application used by us. Visual impressions and attractive appearance make some of them more enjoyable and we return to them more willingly. I'm not a graphic designer. But I've been working on many applications and websites. I know that appearance and usability are the first things the user pays attention to. I also know how important the accesibility of websites for blind people is and how they see website search engines. I want my IT solutions to have no barriers. That's why I use best practices and generally available standards.


git github linux debian ubuntu heroku digitalocean amazonwebservices googlecloud docker terraform nginx

Programming languages and frameworks are not everything. As a programmer, I use many tools that improve my everyday work. I know different version-control systems and a code sharing platform. I deploy to production using a variety of tools. All of these affect the way of me working more efficiently and help me with working in teams. And teamwork is the foundation of success.