Career Profile

I’ve been programming since I remember. I turned my passion into work. Experience has taught me that technology is just a tool. But I like my tools: Ruby (programming language), Ruby on Rails (backend development framework), Linux. I share my knowledge and experience. I’m a mentor at CoderDojo and at the Rails Girls workshops. I participate in conferences and local IT meetings, and sometimes, I present a technical presentation.


Full Stack Developer

2011 - Present
Fractal Soft, remotely

Instead of creating websites for local clients, we started to implement long-term projects.

Initially, we worked on the casino online. We’ve built games like slot machine (fruit machine), American poker, Blackjack (Twenty-One), American style roulette and French/European style roulette. The application had a management panel for moderators, which allowed to check the entire history of games played. My tasks in this project included prototyping and technical decision making, architecture design, refactoring and performance optimization, integration of individual modules, deployment, team management and customer contact. The project was written in Ruby on Rails with elements in JavaScript. We used animations based on sprites and CSS3. The whole app was well tested in RSpec and Cucumber with Selenium.

In the meantime, we were implementing a web application to manage ideas called hitdea. I was responsible for designing architecture and implementation, managing a team of a few people and translating business requirements into technical tasks. As DevOps, I was also involved in building and developing network and system infrastructure as well as deployment of Rails applications to production. Acting as the CTO, I participated in key business meetings for this startup (San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Miami).

During the end of the first version of the application we received feedback about the need to build a mobile application. We decided to divide the monolithic architecture into microservices and at the same time build a frontend that communicates with the backend via the API. Thanks to the use of Ember.js as a frontend framework and PhoneGap as a mobile development framework, we were able to quickly implement a mobile application. Although, a second, working version of the application was created, it has never been used in production. In retrospect, I consider the decision to build microservices as erroneous and premature.

There were also many other applications in which I had my share. I created contextual advertising management application in Ruby on Rails. I co-created a system of linguistic analysis for Polish and English based on 6 million words and Solr search engine. I worked on linguistic games built on Ruby on Rails. I must also mention such applications as SelectHub, purpura, or nopaperwork.

As a programmer, my main task is to deliver well-done products. I like my job and my company. I am always open to work as a contractor or freelancer.

Web Developer / Project Manager / CEO

2007 - 2011
Fractal Soft, Gliwice

I decided to become an entrepreneur and together with a friend I founded a small interactive agency. We implemented simple projects for local companies. We focused on providing websites, online stores and small applications in PHP. For web projects, I used PHP language, Smarty template engine, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and Magento eCommerce platform. In addition, I participated in the design, preparation and implementation of the embedded system for gambling machines. The embedded system built by our team was called FSL4G (Fractal Soft Linux for Games).

Java GUI Developer

Wasko, Gliwice

I dealt with both internal and external projects. I belonged to a team of several people writing in Java, specializing in the implementation of GUI. Depending on the affiliation to the project and the project team, I used different Java versions and required technologies. One of the projects was a SCADA (Supervisory, Control and Data Aquisition) class system called OpenEye SCADA. It was a product for monitoring and management of industrial infrastructure. I achieved a module to monitor the activity of web servers. I have created the following functionalities:

  • query generation
  • impersonating the device
  • proxy connections
  • response analysis

I also worked on the CallMax project. It is a Call Center / Contact Center tool used for communication between the company and clients. It enables the introduction of standards and optimization of telephone conversations, electronic correspondence and SMS messages. It’s used for mass service of business partners and individual clients.

I could develop my programming skills as well as knowledge in the field of network security and operating system administration.

Software Developer

Mentor Graphics, Katowice

I worked in a team that created DxDesigner - schematic editor for electronic schematics. This software was designed to assist designers in designing electronic diagrams, optimize their work and minimize potential design errors. I was responsible for the development of a solver based on logic programming. Most of the program was implemented in C++ using the Boost C++ or Qt libraries. The solver was realized in the language Prolog (Logic Programming Language).


Internet applications that I have worked on. Some of them may have already been turned off. Not all startups are still available on the market.

nopaperwork - invoice generator - Web application for company management. The main functionality is issuing invoices. This process can be facilitated by building a list of clients and creating orders. The application is written in Ruby on Rails, with support for many languages and support for many companies from different countries. The application has well-thought-out architecture and business logic. For example, it is insensitive to deleting or modifying customer data for already posted invoices. I am the main programmer working on this project, so the web application uses the latest stable versions of Ruby language and Ruby on Rails framework and has tests in MiniTest.
SelectHub - This web application is selection management platform which help companies make better and faster purchase decisions. The application accords creating templates and matching products that meet specific criteria. The main products, sold on the platform, are software. This tool allows you to get better prices from suppliers and manufacturers and it is easier to compare different variants of software. When I joined the project, an additional business model was introduced. Knowing the clients’ needs, they started selling leads to software suppliers. The application was written in the Ruby on Rails framework on the backend and Backbone.js and Marionette.js on the frontend.
Purpura - Web application to design traditional cement mosaic tiles. The client has many existing tile patterns at his disposal or can draw them himself in the browser. The application supports the entire sales process. Starting from the moment of designing patterns, through the offer inquiry, submitting the offer, ordering, and invoicing. Purpura application is built in Ruby on Rails and Ember.js At present, the project requires mainly maintenance and slow development. Now I’m the only programmer working on this application.
hitdea - Application to empower people in creative process. The goal of the application is to support ideas management in project teams. This platform is based on the Creative Problem Solving methodology. It is a process that allows you to apply creative and critical thinking, to separate the generation of ideas from the selection of ideas. The app includes several creative tools for asynchronous and synchronous operations. In technical terms, the first version was created as a monolithic application written in the Ruby on Rails framework. The next version of the application was based on microservices. All microservices were in Ruby on Rails, and on the frontend side Ember.js was used. Additionally, based on front-end applications, a mobile application was created using Apache Cordova. After a few years, the project was closed.
Software House website - Fractal Soft is Ruby on Rails development company. Website is built on Ruby on Rails framework and CoffeeScript. Most of them are static pages in English and Polish, optimized for SEO. The project is Open Source and everyone in the company can contribute to it.
Technical blog about Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Unity - This is a static blog based on Jekyll engine. I care about it in technical terms (adding new functionalities, plugins, updates) and in terms of content (I create articles). I’m a contributor to the Minimal Mistakes template we use on this company blog. The content of the articles relate to various technologies, i.e. Ruby or Unity, and our activities for the community (CoderDojo, Rails Girls, Global Game Jam).

Skills & Proficiency

Nobody but the creator knows 100% of the technology. The more we deepen our knowledge in a given field, the better we realize what we do not know yet. This is my subjective assessment. I have taken into account the technologies that I like and in which I feel good. If there is no technology here that is needed then I will be happy to learn it.


Ruby on Rails

JavaScript & CoffeeScript

Backbone.js & Marionette.js